EZSurveyform (EZS) is a comprehensive, Internet-based suite of tools designed expressly to serve the Loss Control/Risk Management industry. EZS provides a robust and feature-rich platform to request, complete, review and deliver complex commercial lines property inspections. EZS manages the entire back-office processes as well, providing comprehensive billing and bookkeeping functions, account management, performance reports and data management.

Founded in 2003, EZS was the first web-based system designed exclusively for the loss control inspection process, and has been a leader in the industry ever since. Proven in the field for 10 years, EZS has adapted and grown along with the Internet and its use. With over one million forms completed to date, EZS is the most easy to use and effective tool for overseeing the inspection workflow process.

EZSurveyform System Highlights
Comprehensive, Feature-Rich, Fully Customizable Inspection Reports
  • Multiple layout templates enable close reproduction of existing hard-copy forms
  • Extensive "Smart-form" features: required fields, preset values, mouseover help, spell/usage check, expanding tabular data, duplicatable sections, conditional questions, automated recommendation generation
  • Incorporate photos and diagrams
  • Include attachments
  • Integral recommendation letter on Client stationery
  • Reports are available in multiple formats: HTML, PDF, XPS, Vector and/or Bitmap Graphic, and as raw data

Intuitive, user-friendly tools designed for a "non-technical" field force

  • Quick access to current workflow
  • Fixed width display so printed forms render identically to online forms, for completion in the field
  • Batch uploading of photos/documents with integrated captioning/placement tool
  • Editable recommendations added to report automatically, triggered by specific resonses
  • In-browser drawing tool for simple point-and-click diagrams of floor & site plans. Automatic calculation of total square footage
  • Every report has a simple, accessible question/discussion thread for live support

Streamlined Quality Control system for efficient, high volume report processing

  • Dedicated user access level and report assignment for Quality Control staff
  • Multiple report status codes to track progress of the inspection
  • Geocoding based Assignment engine – finds closest inspector to the insured location
  • Report-specific, archived discussion thread for questions, issues and changes
  • Automated email alerts for various key changes in report status
  • Performance reports for Inspection and QC personnel

Extensive Administrative and System Design Tools

  • Form building suite for production of inspection forms and supplements
  • Summary report building suite for creation of custom search results screens
  • Full invoicing and inspector payout system
  • Client and Inspector Account creation and maintenance
  • Memoranda management and publishing tools for internal training, guides and notices

Flexible, accessible data architecture for seamless systems integration

  • All inspection data available for export in delimited or XML formats
  • Inspection requests can be entered manually, from batch file, data feed or web service
  • Existing Word or PDF forms support for accommodation of legacy procedures

Built for speed, security, and compatibility

  • All servers have redundant Tier 1 Internet connectivity, 24/7 monitoring, secure data facility
  • Daily offsite full backup, complete remote mirror system
  • Enterprise class hardware & software
  • Fully compatible with most major browsers, smart phones & tablets (Android & Apple)